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Sven Eric Maier

Ergocinema: Effective Storytelling
for Cinema and Television

As a screenplay consultant, Sven Eric Maier helps you to effectively express
what you want to express. Unleash your creativity — in every phase of your project.

Screenplay Consulting: Key Icon


Individual assessment of the material, including market research, success analysis and measures for optimization.

Story Development: Gear Wheel Icon


Comprehensive development of compelling and innovative screenplays, either with individual writers or in a Writers Room.

Writing Workshops: Light Bulb Icon


Tailor-made training formats for analytical and creative writing, with practical writing techniques and exercises.

Writing seminar at the BLB Karlsruhe

Seminars & Workshops

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, advanced, or professional writer, every workshop is tailored to accommodate your personal requirements. The workshops cover a wide range of topics, including creative writing, experimental techniques, and software training in Final Draft. Moreover, these interactive events ensure that the individual wants and needs of each participant are addressed.

Story Development

To develop compelling material, it’s essential for any writing team to cultivate a sense of trust and cooperation. Depending on the personality types of the writers involved, the resulting process may vary. Sven Eric prefers to take on the analytical role, whether working in tandem or within larger groups.

Story Development: From the idea to the finished movie
Screenplay Consulting at the English Garden

Screenplay Consulting

Storytelling is a complex field, especially when it comes to mixing different genres. The aim of the consultation is always to provide more clarity for the writers without restricting their creativity. Sven Eric’s focus as a consultant is on the genres Crime, Love and Fantasy.

Ergocinema References

Ergocinema Writers Room: A video series on YouTube
Profile Picture: Stian P.

“A Wizard. Knows his stuff.”

Stian P.

Profile Picture: Ralf G.

“To put it simply, Sven Eric was the engine for my imagination. A creative liberation.”

Ralf G.

Profile Picture: Shamila Lengsfeld

“I don’t know anyone who has as much expertise when it comes to screenplays and storytelling”

Shamila Lengsfeld

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