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Ergocinema: The Film and Screenwriting Channel

The film and screenplay channel Ergocinema was created on YouTube in 2014 and quickly found its viewers. Many short videos dealt with writing, dramaturgy and the topic of screenplays. The claim from back then still applies: Let’s improve storytelling together – for better films, better series and a satisfied audience. Many years have now passed and the channel has grown to a considerable size in this niche.

Sven Eric vom Ergocinema Drehbuchkanal

It gives me great pleasure to see the enormous creative potential of the subscribers. In any case, the will to make films and express oneself artistically is there in this country. Of course, I am aware of the great frustration with film politics in Germany, whose structures do not support good films, but actually prevent them. But this is not a specifically German problem. Cinema is in crisis worldwide, including in Hollywood. Unfortunately, this situation has worsened with Corona.

Ergocinema digital

When the lockdown began in March 2020, I had an epiphany. In order to pass the time with meaningful activities, I started reading scripts in the live stream. Reading, analyzing and commenting is really fun and enables like-minded people to exchange information digitally. With the end of the first lockdown, a new format was needed and so the Writers Room came about, in which some authors took part. We developed a script live and in color, from the idea to the finished product. With this I hope not only to give aspiring authors an insight into the working method, but also to give all filmmakers the motivation to stick with their work.

Together we will achieve something, step by step, one good book at a time. Thoroughbred storytellers will always find a medium for their stories. With my own concept for the TV series Black Forest Witch, I will continue in 2022.

As long as there is an active community that supports each other, anything is possible. With this mission, I’m on my way to encourage you to keep writing and follow your burning passion. Whether in the home office or in other writing places – so keep an open mind and always remember: We are not alone out there.

– Sven Eric Maier