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Ergocinema / Writing Tips

Writing Tips

On Ergocinema you will find the best writing tips for authors, directors, editors or producers. Here is a current overview of the topics and contributions:


  • Screenplay Outline


  • Storytelling instead of Script Doctoring
  • Introducing characters
  • The perfect movie title
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • The best places to write

Film Genres

  • Adventure Movies
  • Action Movies
  • Movies about Love
  • Horror Movies
  • Fantasy Movies
  • Science-Fiction Movies
  • Detective Movies
  • Crime Movies
  • Thriller Movies
  • Movies based on True Stories
  • Movie Dramas
  • Movie Comedies


  • Mainstream: Its Meaning and its Rejection
  • The Mainstream of Arthouse
  • F.U. Realism: A Cultural Criticism
  • 5 Reasons why German movies are so bad
  • Cannes 2017 – Festival mpressions
  • The best female movie characters
  • The Principle of Diversity
  • Movies without Screenplays
  • Movies without Story
  • Film Directing for Beginners