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Directing Movies

Filmregie für Anfänger

What does film directing mean?

Film directing is the creative management of a film production. A good film director has two main qualities: First, he has a clear vision of the film, which means he can imagine it very precisely and let it run in front of his inner eye. Second, he knows how to convey this vision to the individual Communicates with employees who can implement their parts of the vision accordingly.

The best way for beginners to get started with film directing.

At first glance, the director’s area of ​​responsibility seems overwhelming, but on closer inspection it becomes apparent that he doesn’t have to be able to do everything himself. After all, for him it’s not about controlling the work of each individual employee down to the smallest detail. A good director knows exactly what he wants and is therefore able to make clear decisions. In the end, however, it enables the others to express themselves creatively. Three areas are crucial for the art of film directing: the script, the actors and the Filmmaking.

Film direction and screenplay

“Is it necessary for a director to be good at writing? No, but it helps if he can read!”

While it is certainly helpful to be able to write, it is not essential. Of course, as an author-director, it makes sense to implement your own film stories, but that’s not a must either . A good director has a basic understanding of the work of the screenwriter. He definitely knows how storytelling works. He knows the script inside and out, knows what story it tells and develops his vision of the film from that.

Film director and actors

“The most important thing on set is that the actors have enough confidence to try different things.”

Another word for director is game director. Staging the actors is his core business. Using staging, he gives you stage directions that influence your game and your performance. Using blocking, he positions the actors in the scene. A good director gives his actors space to feel safe and open.

For staging, the director should understand the difference between result-based and action-based directions: an actor cannot play adjectives, for example something like “angry”. Verbs work much better as stage directions. For example, a character can “demand” something, “blackmail” someone, or “break them down.”

Film direction for beginners

Film directing and film design

There are many creative means in film. The most obvious is the camera work, while the sound design is often underestimated. Every director has his own signature and focuses on other means. Be it the set design, the editing or the film music. What a film director does depends entirely on his idea of ​​how the film should look. Here it is worth studying the different styles of well-known directors. A knowledge of film history and the film present can’t hurt.

How do I learn movie directing?

You become a director by making a film. The more films you make, the more experience you can gain. Reading is fun, but at the same time you shouldn’t forget to put it into practice. But it doesn’t always have to be full-length feature films. Short films will always have their place, especially and especially now: in the golden age of the internet and web videos.  With this in mind, I wish you every success in directing films!