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Ergocinema / Screenwriting / Introducing Characters

Introducing Characters

The first impression counts – in real life as well as in the cinema. If you want to leave a lasting impression on the reader with your movie characters, there is only one opportunity: their first appearance.

The first appearance of a character is always something special and requires special sensitivity.

Important and unimportant movie characters

With the greatest movie characters of all time, we can vividly remember their first scene. This applies to heroes and villains, for main characters as well as secondary characters. It is important not to overdo it. Not every character deserves the same attention. In addition, a certain balance is necessary to keep the script text legible and to give it a pleasant rhythm.

Character Checklist

The appearance of your characters follows clear script rules. This is how you ensure that the reader (and later the viewer) experiences an unforgettable moment that immortalizes your main character in particular:

  1. Find a visible trait that makes the character’s strength and/or flaws tangible
  2. Find a matching plot or situation that you can use to introduce this character
  3. Don’t let the character reveal everything about himself right away, always keep something in the dark
  4. Pack the interior of the figure in 1-2 sentences (as a guide)